Wilson vs Mack Rematch

Ferdinand Mack and Don Wilson

After five exciting rounds: Referee Ramon Actin raises their hands for the cheering crowd.

Over 28 Years after their PKO Light Heavyweight title fight in West Berlin’s Deutschlandhalle the former contenders Don Wilson and Ferdinand returned to the ring in Simmern, Germany during a WKU tournament this year . In March 1989 both fighters delivered one of the most exciting professional full contact kickboxing title fights in the history of the sport. Mack was leading by points until round 8. In round 9 out of 10 Wilson dropped Mack three times with hard body hooks scoring a knockout to win the vacant PKO title.

This time around the “rematch” was scheduled as a 5 round exhibition. Considering the age of both fighters – Mack at 57 years and Wilson at 63 years – it was a spectacular display of skills, fitness and experience. High kicks, setups, combinations, great defence – they showed it all without wearing down. Both fighters are legendary champions and great role models for the sport of kickboxing. Both attribute their fantastic shape to the fact that they always protected themselves from injuries by wearing high-tech safety gear, sparring gloves and headgear. Wilson wore his favourite Top Ten kickboxing gear while Mack had switched to a newer German brand. Back in 1989 both wore Top Ten gloves and headguard.

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International Sports Hall of Fame

sports hall of fame

In March 2015 Don “the Dragon” Wilson will be inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dr Robert Goldman. He is very thankful for this honor!

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Showdown in Manila

Alexander Nevsky, a former Russian bodybuilder, actor and producer of independent action films has announced his newest film project: Showdown In Manila. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in February 2015 in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Don has great memories to Manila as his first big movie “Bloodfist” was producer in Manila by Roger Corman back in 1988. Wilson had to skip a exhibition fight against German top-fighter Joachim Mainka in Mannheim at the first Kickboxmania to play his first main role.
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White Tiger Poster

movie White Tiger

Almost three years after they started shooting in Bangkok and Kanchaburi, Thailand, Don’s newest movie White Tiger is exiting post production. The action movie is supposed to hit the American and international DVD stores in early 2015. The long delay was caused by legal disputes between producer Karen Kaing and on location suppliers from Thailand. Alongside Matt Mullins, Joe Lewis and Cynthia Rothrock, Don is fighting with punches as well as with guns.

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The Martial Arts Kid


Financed by a crown funding campaign on Kickstarter Don has recently started filming “The Martial Arts Kid” together with Cynthia Rothrock, Jansen Panettiere, Nassim “Young Dragon” Faras Lahrizi, Matthew Ziff and the Grandfather of all kickboxers, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

Production is scheduled to last well into July 2014. Over 400 supporters donated $173,486 to the movie producers.

Read more here: news article.

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Comeback in Turkey

In September or October 2013 Don Wilson is planing a comeback. According to the American kickboxing legend’s Facebook page, he seeks to step into the ring again in Turkey. We will post more information once we receive confirmation about the date and location of this event.

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Best Kickboxer of all times

Many people believe Don “The Dragon” Wilson was one of the best kickboxers of all times considering his many titles, different weight divisions and ability to accept all rules from fullcontact karate to K-1 and even Muay Thai. The question is: Has there ever been a poll or feature about the best kickboxers?

Top Ten heavybag

Don together with Peter Kruckenhauser, CEO of TOPTEN and Budoland from Austria.

American martial arts journalist Paul Maslak used to publish the first and only computerized professional kickboxing ratings inside “Official Karate” magazine. In his “best pound for pound” category, Don was usually leading as number one. The German KICK magazine published an all time favorite and best of the best ratings for fullcontact kickboxing. It saw Don Wilson as number one followed by fellow Americans Benny Urquidez and Rick Roufus, who is still active until today.
So, there is a lot of truth to rumors about “The Dragon” having been the best kickboxer of all times.

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